Common Mistakes People Make While Installing A Security System

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When you're away from your home at work, play or on vacation, worrying about break-ins, vandalism or other threats can add undue stress to your life. To always stay protected, it is advisable to invest in a professional security system. In addition to a surveillance camera system, investing in an alarm monitoring service will assure an even more complete security package.

Apart from a twenty-four-hour security guarantee, these systems will send you an alert regarding the status of your home. Some firms, like Clear Security, for example, offer different options for monitoring, either through a smartphone app or a full-time monitoring station.

However, limited technical knowledge, lack of experience in the installation process and the growing popularity of the self-installed security alarms can make room for an error in judgment. You may have a network of expensive security cameras, but if they are not fitted correctly, it is going to be ineffective.  

To avoid such lapses and ensure you get the best security systems in the quickest possible time, Clear Security has compiled a list of common mistakes people make when installing a security system and how to avoid them.

1. Thinking you are secure. The most common mistake customers make is listening to the wrong advice. This misinformation provides a false sense of security and can make you feel protected when in reality it puts you at a higher risk. Even with a cop as a neighbor, you still need a reliable security system. If you’re a first-time buyer and unaware of the system, seek the opinion of a security expert.

2. Buying the wrong security system. Purchasing a security system as part of an online deal is not a recommended practice. Technical failure could cost you more in the long run. Beware of companies providing these systems online; they often sell them without ever testing it. If it is a do-it-yourself security system, ensure you have the right equipment and some assistance.

3. Not checking if it is a reputed brand. Before making a quick decision, be confident your home security system is manufactured by a recognized brand. If uncertain, before purchasing, do a quick Google search or cross-check the brand name with a few alarm companies and inquire about their usage.

4. Installing an alarm system that looks good. Another frequent mistake is the installation of an alarm system that makes your home or office a more visually appealing space. This should not be a primary focus. If it looks good but does not function well, you are still exposed to crime. Sometimes, a correct security system installed wrong may look like a piece of junk.

5. Choosing a surveillance camera over an alarm. Most people opt for a camera system to keep an eye out on intruders. However, a standalone camera system is not sufficient to keep you safe. During a robbery, it merely lets you view an intruder stealing your belongings, whereas an alarm system triggers a warning that could frighten them away. A better option is to complement your alarm with a camera system.

To avoid these and other mistakes made while installing a security system, consult the experts at Clear Security. As the best security system installers in Kamloops, BC, we specialize in quality security system services for residential projects. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, we adapt to our customer’s needs and ensure full protection to every client.

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