Cloud Services for our Camera Systems

On Site Recording

  • We can monitor your recorder and email immediately with a problem
  • Good for slow internet connections
  • Save bandwidth
  • Video recorder on premise

Off Site (Cloud) Recording

  • No video recorder on premise
  • Consumes the most bandwidth
  • Good for fast internet connections
  • We monitor our own recorders and are notified immediately to a problem
  • Servers located in Kamloops BC!

Hybrid Recording

  • One video recorder on premise
  • Select individual cameras for duplication off site, in case of video recorder failure, damage, or theft
  • Balances internet bandwidth usage
  • We monitor your recorder, the cameras duplicated off site, and our own recorders
  • Rest easy knowing that critical footage won’t be lost!
  • Servers located in Kamloops BC!

Camera System Monitoring

  • Optional add on to an on site recording to monitor your recorder for online/offline status
  • We monitor for fan and hard drive failures

Have any queries about Cloud Services for Camera Systems? Talk to our security experts!